Sharing The Word of God

We believe that God, through Jesus Christ, welcomes everyone. At St Lawrence, Effingham and All Saints, Little Bookham we try to do the same.

All are welcome to our church, no matter your age, gender, race, marital situation, sexual preference, social standing or your ability to sing. We particularly welcome wailing babies and excited toddlers, those who are growing up too fast and those who refuse to do so. We welcome you whether you have been a Christian for many years, or haven’t been to church other than a wedding some years ago. We recognise that no one has all the answers and that we are all people struggling with our own questions and doubts. St. Matthew tells us in his Gospel that Jesus said that we should love God, and love our neighbours. As a church community here in our villages we attempt to live this out.

Like any church community, some of us have a lot of faith, some of us have little. But as we journey together, through the ups and downs of life, as a church and as individuals, we live out our faith knowing Christ’s love and sharing it in word and action with others.

As a community to love to pray together in faith and meet together in fellowship. We care about family life and people in need. We share our resources of time, ability and wealth and share our hope in Jesus, growing in discipleship, responsibility and love of God who has been revealed to us by His Son, Jesus.

Do join us…