The beginning of a journey…

The Parish welcomes those who would like to bring babies and children for Baptism or a Thanksgiving service.

We are also delighted to welcome adults for baptism.

If you live within the Parish, you or your child can be baptised at either of our parish churches. In exceptional circumstances, those who live outside the parish might also be baptised.

Baptism – often called Christening – is the beginning of a journey in the Christian faith and therefore involves commitment. In the case of a child, or baby, the commitment is made by the parents and godparents to nurture their child within the regular Christian worshipping community. Godparents need to be baptised themselves. Parents will be invited by the Rector to a Baptism Preparation session.

Some families do not feel ready to make such a commitment. In this case, a Thanksgiving Service may be more appropriate.

Please speak to the Rector about a possible date, before making further arrangements.

We will do everything we can to make a baptism or thanksgiving service a joyful, happy and spiritually uplifting occasion.

If you would like to explore these options further, please contact the Parish Office on 01372 451697 or email: