We are VERY grateful for anyone who has set up a bank instruction to donate regularly to the parish via the Parish Giving Scheme (This is by far the best way to support the work of the Parish – please contact the Parish Office if you require further details)

Despite not being in our church buildings, our costs for running the Parish continue to need financing – be it utility bills or the Parish Share etc. However, we are also aware that for nearly a year we have been unable to have a collection during our church services and this has impacted negatively on our finances. But we have found a solution to this problem!

All you need is a mobile phone to text to the number 70450

Then text PRAISE3 if you want to donate £3 or PRAISE5 if you want to donate £5 etc etc. Please do not put a £ sign before the number. The most that you are able to donate by this method is £20.

If you prefer the PCC treasurer not to see your phone number, you need to type PRAISENOINFO before the amount of pounds that you wish to donate (so, you would text: PRAISENOINFO3 for £3)

During our Sunday Zoom services, we are going to have a slot when people can donate if they wish to and then I will say the usual words of dedication for a collection that we would use during our usual church services. Of course, you can donate at any time using this method, not just during our church services.

Thank you!