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Our Agape meal takes place on Maundy Thursday.

‘Agape’ is the New Testament Greek word for ‘self-giving love’.

In the Christian tradition an ‘Agape’ is also the name for informal meals and times of togetherness and mutual sharing which remind us of all those Early Christians’ ‘Love Feasts’ and the unity that the Spirit continues to give us.

On Maundy Thursday, we will particularly think of Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, where ‘Agape’ was shown in the washing of feet and the sharing of Bread and Wine symbolising Jesus’ Body and Blood that would be offered for us all on Good Friday.

Our meal will be interspersed with Liturgy, Bible readings and the sharing of Bread and Wine for Maundy Thursday.

For catering purposes, please request a ‘free ticket’ from the Parish Office (stlawrence1939@btinternet.com) or Revd Mandy (rev.mandymacvean@gmail.com)

On the evening there will be an opportunity for voluntary donations towards the cost of the food.